3. Results

When we put the smoke into the container, the reading was between 59-76.When there was no smoke in the container, the reading was between 123-127. Smoke that was filtered by our mini filtering system caused the sensor to give off a reading of 104-106 as shown from this picture of the results.

We have chosen this specific data to represent our overall data because this data is one of the few datas that are very close to our data average that we have gotten from experimenting with our device. When there was no smoke in the container, the reading was 123-127 and with smoke was 63-76. This clearly shows that the sensor works and the concept works. This result is the closest result to our average of all our tests done for the sensor.

Now, taking into account the previous results, the filtered air caused a reading of 104-106. This shows that our filter works because the data is higher than the data without the filtered smoke meaning that the filtered air is much cleaner and clearer than the normal smoky air. It seems that our filter was able to filter some of the smoke and was able to get a reading that was close to the control reading without smoke.

We have created a graph to show our newly made smoke scale. It is from 0, which symbolises completely fresh air to 1, which is maximum haze pollution.

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