From our findings, we have found out that our air sensor and air filter works and does the intended job. As earlier stated, when we used our air filter, there was a rise in sensor reading which means that the air became cleaner and purified, thus meaning that the filter works and does its job.

As for the air sensor, there was a difference in sensor reading when there was smoke and when there was none. Thus, it was doing its job because we are able to tell if there is smoke and if there is none.

There are many practical applications of this device which include the actual use of the sensor in the outdoors to test the severity of the haze and the actual use of the filtering device to filter a room or area from smoke or haze.

They will be able to use the sensor to do many things which when attached to the filter, will be able to activate the filter when the haze gets too serious and by itself will be able to be used to sense the severity of the haze or air quality and will even display the severity of the haze and the person will be able to take action if they find out that their surroundings is not suitable for themselves or their family.

Our further studies will include further ways of fixing different things. This will include other air pollutants which are affecting the air, and which is possible to filter. We will try other methods of filtering air too.

We might also go and research into other rare airs that pollute our environment, and find a specific way to filter it, if normal filters like HEPA or carbon filters do not work. We might even go to large scale air filtering where we create huge systems of air filters that are efficient and important in many companies.

We might also go into other kinds of topics related to air such air conditioning as well as air heating through a completely safe method rather than using gases and other chemicals and waves that are considered harmful to human beings.  

We might even study about weather and how the greenhouse effect and the pollutants that cause it affect it as well as experimentation on air pressure. We are going to be focused on topics on air.

Last but not least, we might go into what the air particles which are polluted or not polluted, so as to only get certain parts of the air, like just getting oxygen, or just carbon dioxide. This will be harder and on a totally different level, so it is not really very realistic.

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